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2017 District 5 Fall Baseball

Silver Division Rules




General Game Information:


•    Home team will be in the 1st base dugout and visiting team in the 3rd base dugout.

•    The home team will have access to the field until 15 minutes before game time (visiting team will use batting cage during this time).  Visiting team will use field from 15 minutes before game time up until game time.  Please have your players arrive at least 30 minutes before game time for proper warm up.  The first batter should be batting at the scheduled start time (i.e. home team should be in the field for the 1st inning a few minutes before game time).

•    In the Fall league, we do not enforce a minimum numbers of players (i.e. 9) that must be in the field for the start of the game.

•    All managers and players are responsible for cleaning their team’s dugout after every game.

•    The home team is responsible for raking both the pitcher’s mound, both bullpen mounds and dragging the field after the conclusion of every game – even if your game is the last of the evening.   This rule applies to NON-Farmington teams as well when you have been designated the home team at the FYBL fields.

•    Remind all your parents to not drive beyond the parking areas at the FYBL LL fields – this is a safety concern.  No one should not be parking next to the batting cages.

•    Games are 6 innings or a 2 hour time limit, you may start a new inning within the 2 hour time limit.  Extra innings are allowed if time permits.

•    An inning is over once three (3) outs are recorded or 5 runs have been scored.  There is no “unlimited run” amounts in the last inning for Fall Ball.  The 5 run rule applies to ALL innings.

•    If a team is mathematically not able to win, continue playing until 6 innings have been completed or the time limit has been reached, whichever occurs first.  If the Home Team is losing by more than 5 runs they can elect not to hit in the last inning.

•    Each player must play a minimum of 2 innings in the field (6 defensive outs).  Players who arrive late must bat at the end of the lineup, unless their batting position in the order has not been reached during the natural course of the game.  A maximum of 9 players will be allowed in the field at one time.

•    Batting order is continuous throughout the game.

•    Bunting is allowed. No slashing (show bunt then pull back to swing) will be permitted – this will be an automatic out.

•    Infield fly rule and dropped third strike are not observed at this level.

•    There are no playoffs in Fall Ball

•    If there is inclement weather, please check the website (www.fybl.org) and/or an email for cancellations.  We will make every effort to play games at their scheduled times.  

•    Please reach out to Byron Frank if a game is cancelled due to weather or needs to be rescheduled.


Base Running/Stealing Rules:


  • Fall Ball Rules:  We are trying to develop our young catchers in a safe environment and have modified the base running/stealing rules respectively.  To start the season, stealing of 2nd and 3rd will be allowed only on a passed ball (ball reaches grass and/or backstop behind home plate).  To start season, stealing of home is not allowed at all, regardless if a passed ball reaches the grass and/or backstop.  After September 25th, stealing of 2nd, 3rd will be allowed, and a max of 2 runs per inning may score on passed balls.


  • To start the season, runners may not advance if the ball gets past the pitcher when thrown back from the catcher.  After September 25th, runners may advance in this scenario.


  • Runners may leave bag only when the ball reaches the batter.  There is no leading off base.  There will be no delayed stealing allowed.




  • One base on over throw in foul territory. If over throw into outfield, runner can keep going until ball is controlled by an infield player.  

Pitching Rules & Guidelines


  • A player league age 11 cannot pitch in the Fall Minors Season.


  • Pitching Guidelines: A pitcher who delivers (41) or more pitches cannot go to catcher position for the remainder of that day.


  • To give as many kids as possible a chance to pitch, the maximum number of pitches by one player per game is detailed below by league age on team’s roster.  All rest requirements must be observed for each pitcher.


  • If a pitcher begins an at-bat below his maximum number of pitches, he will be allowed to complete that “at-bat” until an out is made or that batter reaches base.


  • A manager is allowed to make 2 mound visits per pitcher.  On the 3rd mound visit, the pitcher must be taken out.


Player League Age

Maximum Number of Pitches

7-8 Years Old

50 Pitches

9 Years Old +

65 Pitches



Pitcher Rest Requirements


# of Pitches

Days Rest

1-20 Pitches

No calendar day rest required

21 - 35 pitches

1 calendar day rest

36 – 50 pitches

2 calendar days rest

50+ Pitches

3 calendar days rest



  • Teams should agree on pitch count between innings.


  • Once a pitcher has been removed, they may not return to that position for the remainder of the game.  In addition, any player who has played the position of catcher in four (4) or more innings in a game, is not eligible to pitch on that calendar day.


  • It’s the Manager’s responsibility to report pitch counts for their team to the FYBL web site within 24 hrs. of the conclusion of game.  This is a mandatory responsibility!



Coaching Code of Conduct


We strongly encourage all members of Farmington Youth Baseball to place the highest priority on teaching and modeling the moral and ethical values of Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Discipline, Personal Responsibility and Fairness.


  1. Always place the academic, emotional, physical and moral well-being of your players above desires and pressures to win.
  2. The manager/coach shall set the example for example for winning without boasting and losing without bitterness and thus earn the respect of his players.
  3. The manager/coach shall not permit any player to make unsportsmanlike or uncomplimentary remarks to opponents, umpires, or spectators. Taunting, boasting, and fighting demean individuals and the sport of baseball.
  4. The manager/coach shall treat the parents and family of his players with respect; be clear about your expectations, goals and policies and maintain open communication.
  5. The manager/coach shall maintain a thorough knowledge of the rules of the game and assure that his players know and understand the rules.
  6. The manager/coach shall model high ideals of sportsmanship and always pursue victory with honor while teaching and advocating good character.
  7. The manager/coach shall treat all people with respect at all times and require the same of the players.
  8. The manager/coach shall not engage in, or permit, profanity, vulgarities, obscene gestures, trash talking, taunting, boastful celebration, or other actions that demean individuals, or the sport of baseball, or reflect badly on the team and institution.
  9. The manager/coach shall use positive coaching methods to increase players' self-esteem and enjoyment, and to foster a love and appreciation for baseball. He shall refrain from physical or psychological intimidation, verbal abuse, and any conduct that is demeaning to players.
  10. The coach shall be mindful that he is a role model with high visibility great influence, and consistently conduct himself in private and coaching situations in a manner that exemplifies what he expects from his players.
  11. The coach shall consistently demonstrate concern for his players as individuals and encourage them to look out for one another.
  12. The coach shall put safety and health considerations above the desire to win, and never permit players to intentionally injure an opponent or engage in reckless behavior that might cause injury to themselves or others.